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  • Easter and Half Term in Torquay

    Easter and Half Term in Torquay

    There is lots to do this Easter and Half Term in Torquay at the Grosvenor Hotel

  • Easter Eggtravaganza!

    Easter Eggtravaganza!

    There is so much going on this Easter in Torquay for the whole family.

  • We Love Sundays

    We Love Sundays

    The Carvery at the Grosvenor is now in its 6th week and regularly attracts over 100 guests. Starting at 12.30pm and going through to 3pm, it is genuinely one of the best carveries around. Currently selling at £9.95 with “buy one get one free”, it’s no wonder it’s so popular Daryl the General Manager says […]

  • VIP Guest

    VIP Guest

    We can’t wait to welcome our new guest to the Grosvenor Hotel, a life size gorilla from Paignton Zoo’s #greatgorillas collection. Mr Richardson, the owner of Richardson Hotels group, bid for the ‘Flagged’ gorilla created by Penny Robson. ‘Flagged’ is covered by ten flags representing the ten regions of Africa where gorillas can be found. […]