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Paignton Zoo | Tiger Cubs

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    Paignton Zoo | Tiger Cubs

    Paignton Zoo’s rare Sumatran tigers have had cubs!

    Paignton Zoo is a member of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP) for Sumatran tigers, which means it is part of the global effort to save this endangered species from extinction.

    Shakira the Sumatran tiger gave birth to three adorable cubs at Paignton Zoo on May 31st. They are the first tiger cubs born at the zoo since 2009 and zoo staff are hopeful visitors will be able to see the cubs during the summer holidays.

    CCTV cameras captured the special moment the cubs were born. Shakira was shown licking her cubs and giving them their first feed. Shakira and her tiger cubs will spend the next two months hidden from view at Paignton Zoo.

    Females Tigers typically give birth to between 2 and 4 blind cubs after about 103 days. So a litter of three is prefect. The cute cubs can weigh about 1 kilo (2 pounds) at birth. They should thrive on their mother’s milk for up to 8 weeks before moving on to meat. Just like human babies they will continue to take their mothers milks for much longer.

    Have a look at the footage that captured this rare event here

    You can find out more information at the Zoo’s web page here

    If you are thinking of making a trip to see these special babies, take a look at our special offers here.

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